Changeover Switch quotation

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Changeover Switch quotation

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100 amp changeover switch Suitable for AC 50HZ, rated voltage 400V/690V, rated current 1600A. 3 poles & 4 poles.
The Terminal Is Copper T3
3-poles or 4-poles
Avoid erroneous operations
Designed according to IEC/ EN 60974-3
Conventional current250A630A1600A3150A
Rated current In (A)200250315400500630100012501600200025003150
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)
Dielectric strength (V)
Rated surge-resistant voltage Uimp KV
Rated working current
Motor power380V100132160220280315560560560710710710
P (Kw)660V90110185185185185475475475750750750
Rated short-time withstand current lcw (kA Rms) 0.1s/1s121225252525505050505050
Rated breaking capability Icn (A Rms) AC23 380V160016002520320040005040300037504800600075009450
Rated making capability Icm (A Rms) AC23 380V200025003150400050006300300037504800600075009450
Rated shortcurrent making capabilityIcm (kA peak value)171740404040707070105105105
Mechanical durability 380V14001400800800800800500500500300300300
Electical curability 380V200200200200200200100100100100100100
Operation moment (Nm)101014.514.514.514.5373760606060
Weight (kg)3 poles2.
4 poles2.
100 amp changeover switch Dual-power automatic switching switch is an electrical component which plays the role of switching main and standby power supply in low-voltage distribution system, and plays an irreplaceable role in distribution system. Many important places are equipped with dual power automatic switch. So, what is the working principle of the dual power automatic switch?
The standby power supply is called "hot standby" if it has electricity all the time. Important users should be like this. If the standby power supply is the delayed power generation of the engine, the dual power automatic switching switch also plays a role. It cuts off the circuit of the municipal electricity and prepares the path for the generator self-generation. In particular, it is very important to cut off the municipal electric circuit. First, it is to prevent the self-generated electricity from retransmitting to the municipal electric network. Second, it is to prevent the sudden incoming electricity from the municipal electric power and the non-synchronous grid connection between the self-generated electricity and the municipal electric power, which causes the tripping of both sides.Changeover Switch quotation
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