CO2 Oxygen Nasal Cannula factory

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CO2 Oxygen Nasal Cannula factory

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About Us
Zhejiang Medtec Medical Devices Co., Ltd established in Oct. 1989, merged with Hangzhou Medtec medical in 2018, merged with AS-E factory in 2019.
Our purpose 'Focus on customer, base on honest. Focus on quality, pursue excellence’
We are a manufacturer of specialty medical devices that provides high quality medical devices, medical devices mold design and R & D service.
Respiratory, Anesthetic, IV transfusion medical disposable consumables.
Respiratory, Anesthetic, IV transfusion
ISO 13485, CE,GMP, FDA, CFDA certified
Injection equipment, extrusion equipment, auto printing machine
We sell to approximately 7 markets, US is our largest market for us with about 40% scale.
Medtec Product
Medtec Vision
Focus on customer, base on honest. Focus on quality, pursue excellence.To build a leading brand in the medical device industry.CO2 Oxygen Nasal Cannula factory
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