Gas Drying System

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Gas Drying System

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JLD series refrigerated air dryer is a kind of compression refrigeration technology that uses forced cooling of compressed air to make water vapor, oil mist and other condensed liquid droplets discharged from the machine by automatic drainer, thus obtaining a more pure compression air.
JLD Series Refrigerated Air Dryer use international famous brands of compressors and key refrigeration components, reliable performance, stable operation, low noise, light and beautiful appearance.
1. the overall design to enlarge the corresponding ratio, so that dryer performance, running time, life is fully guaranteed;
2. Efficient evaporator makes the drying effect better;
3. the water separator ensures that the gas and water are completely separated, and the process control automatic sewage valve ensures the timely discharge of water;
4. The air precooler of the low-ribbed tube makes the cooling power consumption the lowest and the cooling capacity is fully recovered.
5. The condensing pressure is automatically adjusted; the working conditions are stable and the water source is saved.
6. JLD Series Refrigerated Air Dryer has a variety of protection, such as high evaporation pressure, low pressure, oil pressure, overload, short circuit protection. According to user requirements, dew point control and energy-saving devices can be added. The intelligent controller can display the temperature of each department and the refrigeration compressor current, over limit alarm and shutdown protection.
7. easy to operate, and leave a long-stroke serial USB interface.
JLD Series Refrigerated Air Dryer Technical Parameters
Gas volume: 0.5-350Nm3/min
Working pressure: 0.4-6.0Mpa
Inlet temperature: ≤45°C(P low temperature)
Inlet temperature: ≤80°C (G high temperature type)
Ambient temperature: ≤38°C
Dew point: 2-10°C
Cooling method: air-cooled/water-cooled
Pressure drop: ≤0.02Mpa
Cooling water pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa
JLD Series Refrigerated Air Dryer Working Principle
JLD series refrigerated air dryers use the principle of different saturated water content in different temperature gas, adopting refrigeration technology to cool down the gas, make a lot of water vapor condense into liquid, and achieve the purpose of removing water and drying.
Equipment composition
JLD Series Refrigerated Air Dryer components: evaporator, pre-cooler, gas-liquid separator, compressor, condenser, control box and various valves.
1. Evaporator adopts copper tube to expand the structure of aluminum fins, high heat exchange efficiency and dew point protection
2, refrigeration compressor, reliable performance, to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.
3, the use of Danfoss or the same level of thermal expansion valve, can rely on the size of the dryer load, automatically adjust the amount of refrigerant supply, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.
Operating procedures
Check before starting
● Close the inlet and outlet valves of the dryer and filter and open the bypass valve.
● Start the air compressor and let the air run through the bypass valve for about 15 minutes. It is best to remove the automatic drainer under the cold and dry filter and the precision filter. Purge it with compressed air in the equipment to remove the manufacturing and In the process of installation, rust and impurities that are trapped in the air ducts prevent plugging of filter elements and automatic drains.
● Check the power supply voltage, must not exceed the rated value ±10%, the number of phases and the electrical wiring is correct, working conditions such as working pressure, inlet temperature, ambient temperature and processing air volume are consistent with the nameplate.
● For the water-cooled dryer, before turning on the dryer power, you must open the cooling water inlet valve, and check the cooling water temperature is not higher than 32 °C, the flow rate is not less than 0.2T / H, the water pressure should be 0.15-0.4MPa Between neutral water PH6.5-7.5, no solid impurities.
● Check that the power indicator is on before turning on the power.
● Close the bypass valve and inlet and outlet valves and open the front valve of the automatic drainer.
● Observe whether the static indicator of the refrigerant pressure gauge is normal. Under normal circumstances, the static indicators of the two tables of the high and low pressure tables should be approximately equal. (Small models only have a low pressure gauge. Do not start the system if the pressure is lower than 0.5 MPa.)
After the above checks are correct, the dryer can be started. Observe whether the compressor runs smoothly and without noise. Observe whether the indication of the high-pressure refrigerant table (condensation pressure) rises and whether the low-pressure refrigerant table (evaporation pressure) indicates a decrease.
Start Up
Under normal circumstances, the user can directly press the start button (air-cooled) for models below 60m3/min. (If it is a water-cooled refrigeration dryer, turn on the cooling water inlet and outlet valves after the power is turned on, and press it for 5 minutes. Press the button to observe whether the refrigerant low pressure meter is normal. If it shows normal, open the air compressor outlet valve, start supplying air to the refrigerating dryer, and close the air bypass valve to operate normally.
Application Industry
JLD Series Refrigerated Air Dryer are widely used in cold applications. They can be used in pneumatic control, pneumatic instruments, pneumatic components for petrochemical, light industry, textile, fertilizer, metallurgy, electric power, telecommunications, and transportation vehicles. Provide high quality compressed gas.Gas Drying System
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